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  • Cabin leaks
    • Water dripping over the door speakers
      • CJJ, aka Clive on the forum, has this how to for adjusting the door window seals.
      • Rob Bell gives us an answer cheater problem here.
      • have a look at the Exterior - Cheater section for a great tip from MGtfnut
    • Water running down the door window
      • A thread by Mark (Marl.L) Leonard on cures this problem.
      • have a look at this article from Greg Hilton's MGF FAQ web site.
    • Badly fitting door windows
      • Tony Thompson shows how to adjust your door windows here.
    • Wet drivers side carpet
      • James, aka TToP, on the forum, had this problem, after a bit of head scratching and back breaking investigation, he came up with a cure. Read this story with a happy ending here.
    • Wet passenger side carpet
      • Rob Bell shows how to cure this problem here.
      • Tony Thompson gives his advice on his site here.
      • Andy Phillips gives his cure for the heater intake box leak on the F register Forum here, and on here.
      • Herbie, over at cured his wet passenger carpet with silicone, read how here.
      • Roger Parker on the MGOC site has this cure for the F's leaking heater intake box.
    • Blocked sill drain holes
      • Not really a leak, but water related, Mark Leonard over at tells us where that sloshing noise is coming from, and how to cure it here.

  • Boot leaks
    • How to find the source
      • Rob Bell imparts his knowledge again here.
    • Leaking light cluster
      • Dr Bell's five step cure is here.
      • Tony Thompson gives imparts his knowledge on fixing the leak here.
    • Leaking via the bulkhead
      • Rob has a cure on his site here.
    • Panel seam leak
      • Jan Limpens from the Netherlands found that his boot leak was from overlapping
        body seams - thumbnail main , he cured it with silicone - thumbnail main
        Thanks to Jan for taking the time out to email me the photo's.
      • Roger Parker on the MGOC website found his leak due to missing seam sealer.


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