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  • Seats
  • Door Cards
    • Stephan Gribney's Ultimate MG site has a section on how to remove the door card panel in his FAQ section.
  • Seat belts
    • FSU, a member of the forum, has come up with an alternative to the usual seat belt tidy options. This is his description, followed by photographs.
      "Select a leather belt 2” wide in my case and quite supple leather. With a sharp knife cut two strips each 25cm (10”) long. Taking each strip individually fold over so that both the cut edges are together – one on top of the other. Clamp between two pieces of wood – I used 4mm plywood – and make sure the ends of the leather strip is visible. Drill a 10mm hole – using a sharp wood drill – with the centre of the hole approx 2.5 cm from the cut edge and central to the strap.

      Remove head rests – remember that the plastic holder on the seat needs to be turned clockwise (1/4 turn) to allow them to come out completely.

      Fold leather strap around the seat belt and push the appropriate head rest shaft through the two holes. Refit head rest to seat and check seat belt operation
  • T-Bar
    • This page at DotComoff, written by Andy 'Scarlet Fever' Phillips, gives the low down on T-bar removal.
  • Badly fitting carpets
    • This is a post from Per (lagerpe) on with a great tip for you ill fitting carpets.
    • Here's a tip from Jerry 'MGtfnut' Herbert for ill fitting carpets - "Loosen the seat fixing bolts to the floor, and pull the carpet out towards the sills, then  tighten up. No need to fiddle with the SRS etc. Normally the carpet edge will then tuck in behind the soft plastic finisher as intended."
    • Stephan Gribney's Ultimate MG site has a section on how to get the rear shelf carpet to fit better in his FAQ section.
  • Roll hoops
    • For those of you with the type of roll hoop that goes through the T-bar, here is a great tip from Tony Thompson's site. If you had the OE mesh wind stop fitted, this tip will cover the hole that is left behind.
    • Iain Ross shows how to remove the Mike Satur roll hoops here.
  • Gear Stick
    • Shortening the MGF gear stick courtesy of Dieter here.
    • MGFmad on the forum, shows how to shorten the LE500 gear stick
    • Shortening the MGTF gear stick courtesy of me....

      Before you start, make sure your gear knob will fit over the gear stick shoulder, The Momo knob I fitted was perfect for this. so, remove the gear knob. Place a cloth over the gear stick. Hack off the top 30mm. Run an M10 die down the remaining shaft, up to the shoulder. Remove the cloth and swarf. Refit gear knob.

    • If you have a lot of movement on your gear stick, then have a read of this thread. The photo in this post will help identify what to adjust.


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