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Solid/Metallic/Pearlescent Monogram  
Greens     Atmosphere IBC  
Alumina Green HFH Aubergine IBE  
BRG (Metallic) HAM   Aurora IAX  
BRG (Pearlescent) HFF   Bacchus IAO  
Brooklands Green HYF   Bio-Morphic Green IAF  
LeMans Green HFN   Bittersweet IAZ  
Goodwood Green** HQM   Black Olive IAH  
      Caledonian IBG  
Reds     Celestial Blue IAI  
Copper Leaf Red CDX   Chagall IAT  
Firefrost Red CEF   Chatsworth IAE  
Flame Red COF   Dark Fantasy IBA  
Nightfire Red CAQ   Garnet IAK  
Rio Red CQC   Glacier IAD  
Solar Red CMU   Gulf Stream IAM  
      Horizon IBF  
Blues     Jubilee IAL  
Bermuda Blue JFR   Lagoon IAN  
Hawaiian Blue JFK   Mirage (2 coat) IAU  
Ignition Blue JGY   Mirage (3 coat) IAS  
Royal Blue JFM   Moody Blue IBD  
Sonic Blue JHG   Moonshine IBB  
Tahiti Blue JRJ   Nightshade IAG  
Trophy Blue JFV   Nocturne IAP  
Wedgwood Blue JBH   Orange Grove IAR  
      Poseidon IAW  
Blacks/Greys     Saffron IAJ  
Black PAK   Shot Silk IAY  
Anthracite LQW   Spectre IAA  
Charcoal LVD   Spice IAQ  
Pearl Black PBT   Sunspot Yellow IAC  
X-Power Grey LEF   Twilight IAV  
      Typhoon IAB  
Dover White NDJ   TF LE 500    
Old English White NNX   Crystal White 1 107 / BAB  
White Diamond NAL   Graphite Grey 2 108 / CAJ  
      Intense Blue 3 110 / DAC  
Silvers     Raven Black 4 106 / AAD  
Platinum Silver MNX   Scorched Red 4 111 / EAF  
Starlight Silver MBB   Vibrant Orange 1 109 / FAB  
Zircon Silver MUM    
      TF 135 (09 >)   Autocolour
Purples     BRG 3 GAE 9WMGB
Amaranth KMN   Frost White 4 BAD 9WMKB
Morello CMV   Oceana Blue 2 DAG 9WMFB
Mulberry CDM   Platinum Silver 3 CAF 9XCJB
      Radiant Red 1 EAH 9WMJB
Yellow/Orange/Golds     Raven Black 4 AAD 8BERB
Trophy Yellow FAR   Storm Grey 3 CAA N/A
Volcano EAC        
Platinum Gold MCN   85th Anniversary    
Sienna Gold GUF   Intense Cassis EAI 21XPB
  Ice White BAB 8BEVB
TF LE 500   Enigmatic Silver CAK 21XNB
Crystal White 1 107 / BAB  
Graphite Grey 2 108 / CAJ Wheel Rims  
Intense Blue 3 110 / DAC Silver Sparkle MNH  
Raven Black 4 106 / AAD Shadow Chrome MBM  
Scorched Red 4 111 / EAF Black PMA  
Vibrant Orange 1 109 / FAB      
Note that Crystal White and Ice White are the same colour - BAB !!    

Paint code list courtesy of Andy Phillips.
TF135 (09>) and 85th Anniversary paint codes courtesy of David Luffield of Luffield Cars, Loughborough.

According to Andy Phillips, Zircon is the only colour he knows of that wasn't produced on an F/TF (it being a Zed colour) and he has never seen Hawaiian Blue to his knowledge either (but it was available as a colour for the cars).

**Goodwood Green is also known as Aquamarine (Pearlescent), this is Dupont's (the manufacture) name for it.

1 = Pearlescent    2 = Mica-Tallic    3 = Metallic    4 = Solid

Have a look here on the T-Bar for a list of paint codes linked to photos of cars produced in the selected colour


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