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 Running Gear

...maintain your brakes
  • Front standard brake pad replacement
    • Rob Bell's site has these instructions.
  • Front disc (240mm dia) replacement
    • Rob Bell to the rescue again here.
  • Rear OE brake pad replacement
    • Again, Rob as this covered here.
  • Rear disc replacement
    • Tony Thompson's site has this covered here.
    • craynerd on the forum posted this thread as a how to replace the rear discs and pads, indicating the differences between the rear and front 240mm disc set up.
    • CJJ, also on the forum posted this thread on how to change the rear discs on a TF. This can also be found on here on the T-Bar.
    • Iain "The Broon" Brown produced this picture rich How To on the forum.
      • Tip !! - When you are winding the piston back in, ensure that one of the cut outs in the piston is at 3 o'clock, this cut out engages in a small pin on the back of the pad. If the piston is not aligned, you will get a 10-15mm rust ring at the outer edge of the inner surface of the disc due to uneven pressure on the brake pad.

  • Rear caliper replacement
    • Fast Jan posted this great thread on the forum, and also here on the SWMGF forum (you need to be a SWMGF member to view the thread).

  • Rear caliper strip and rebuild
    • Station on the forum has put this great how to together detailing how to strip down and rebuild a rear caliper, complete with detailed photos.

  • Rear 280mm disc conversion
  • Brake hoses
    • CJJ shows how to fit stainless steel braided hoses in this thread on the forum. As ever, loads of step by step photos. This could also be used for replacing the standard rubber brake hoses. Also found here on the T-Bar.

  • Brake master cylinder
  • Brake Servo
  • Hand brake maintenance
  • Big brake upgrade
    • A popular upgrade for those who do not have rims big enough to accommodate AP calipers. Roger Parker discusses the merits and fitting of such a kit on the MGOC website.
...4 pot AP calipers
  • Fitting
    • an excellent thread on by Dr Dave on fitting the 4 pot AP calipers that were part of the SP1 option on the TF.

  • Pad replacement
    • The AP calipers are very easy to work on. Once you have the road wheel removed, knock out the two pad retaining pins with a suitable drift. Remove the pad retaining spring (note its orientation) and pull out the two pads, push back the pistons into the caliper body using a stout screwdriver or flat bar (check the brake master cylinderreservoir to make sure that the hydraulic fluid being pushed back into the brake circuit is not over flowing!). Clean up the caliper before replacing the new pads. Check the new pads slide easily into the calipers, file the edges if they bind. Apply copper grease to the backs and top and bottom edges of the new pads, DO NOT GET ANY GREASE ON THE  BRAKE MATERIAL!!. Slide the new pads into the caliper lining up the slotted holes with the pin retaining holes in the caliper body, replace the pad retaining spring (note that its the right orientation), and finally replace the retaining pins, you will have to use a hammer and drift to seat these into the caliper body. Told you it was easy.
    • Andy Phillips also gives a step by step method here on
    • A fantastic ' How To Change AP Discs and Pads' thread on the forum by CJJ, and also here on the T-Bar.

  • Strip and rebuild
  • Painting
... upgrade an F to a TF steering rack lowering springs on a TF
  • Baracus posted this 'how to' article on fitting lowering springs to a TF on the forum.
...replace your track rod ends
...ball joints
... shock absorbers
... Suspension links / arms
  • F Front lower arm replacement
    • Roger Parker published this great out to on the MGOC web site. This should could also be used for the TF, just remember the suspension differences.

  • TF rear trailing link replacement
  • TF lower rear link arm replacement
... Throttle cable
. ..Hubs
. ..Hub adapters
  • Mike Satur's
    • Fast Jan shows how she fitted Mike's hub adapters via this How To on the forum.
. ..Gear box and Clutch
  • Oil filling
  • Clutch replacement
    • Bigmac on the forum did a clutch and flywheel replacement with the engine in situ  !!, his how to is here
. ..Bushes
. ..Sub frames


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