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 Exterior mud flaps
  • Rear TF mud flaps
  • Front TF mud flaps
    • Very easy to fit, you don't even have to remove the road wheels. Just follow the instructions that come with the kit. side vent mesh the rear bumper mesh
  • Part numbers...
    • DQY000120PMD - Grille-rear bumper - Black
    • DQY000130MMM - Grille-rear bumper - Chrome
  • a TF
    • Once again, Spike-UK shows us how to fit them here.
    • Garvin also has the know how for us here.
....air intake
...replace the front / rear MG badge

TIP !! Before you replace a delaminating badge, give it  a few coats of clear lacquer, this will seal the badge and prolong the delamination.

The part number for both the front and rear badges is DAB000160, the size of both the front and rear badges is 70mm.

  • Several ways to remove the old badge. I found the following worked well, this should work on both the front and rear badges.
    Using a hair dryer, heat the badge to soften the sticky pad on the back of the badge. Using some fishing line, work it behind the badge as if you were flossing it. You will not be able to get all the way through because of the two pins in the centre. When you've finished flossing, put some tank or gaffer tape around the badge for protection, using a plastic spatula, carefully prise off the badge. With the badge removed, clean off any sticky pad that's been left behind. Fit the new badge, the two pins align the badge, remove the protective covering from the back of the badge and press it firmly in place, remove the tape protection, job done.
  • Zilla on the forum created this thread describing how to replace faded badges.
...Petrol cap
...front bumper
  • ...removal on an F
    • Broon shows the procedure here from his web site.
    • Dave Morris, 'Red Leader' on the SWMGF boards produced this how to on F front bumper removal (you need to be a SWMGF member to view the thread).
  • ...removal on a TF
  • ...fitting an LE500 bumper to a TF
...rear bumper
  • ...removal on an F
    • Andy Phillips shows the procedure here on the F register forum.
  • ...removal on a TF
...replace a Mk 1 F's  speedo cable
...rear screen
  • fit a glass rear screen into a MkII frame
    • Adam Elphick defied us all and managed to fit a glass rear screen into his MkII hood frame, click here to find out how he did it.
      The thread that followed his progress is here on the forums. This can also be found on THe-T-Bar.
  • replace the plastic rear screen
...make a TF air vent scoop
  • CJJ on the forum, has produced yet another great How To, this time its how to make an air vent scoop for the TF.
...change a door handle
  • MG_CHIC on the forum, posted this thread showing how to change your door handles, complete with very helpful photos.
...door seal adjustment
...door hinges
...door mirrors
...soft top


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