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  • NAC produced TF models
  • A full history lesson here from Professor Bell. Includes the TF's history and why the F is called an F and why the TF is called a TF.
  • an amazing amount of history and VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) information here from Dieter.
  • The Unofficial AustinRover Web Resource has this terrific page covering the history of the F and TF.
  • some more historical facts from Andy Phillips in a post on MG-Rover.org
  • This page from MG_Rover.org gives some interesting figures.
  • more facts and figures on the The MG Pit web site run by Tim Morris.
  • Paul Lathwell's DotComoff site has this page on model history.
  • This page from Tim Morris's site gives some history of the F on screen, television and books.
  • This page on the MG Owners Club site gives the facts and figures for every MG model produced up to 2002.
  • Interesting 'spy shot' pictures in this page from Ron Bell's UltimateMG web site.
  • This page from Rob Bell's web site covers extreme concept cars including the EX-F, TF 200 HPD and many other concepts.
  • Stephan Gribney's Ultimate MG site has a good history section.
  • Greg Hilton's MGF FAQ web site has this article on the MG heritage.
  • Wikipedia has this page and this page full of MG history and facts.


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