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  • The MG Car Club has this website designed to provide top quality and useful advice for the prospective MG buyer.
  • MoonManMike put together this check list (Excel spreadsheet) for when you go to view a potential purchase. The original thread on the MG-Rover.org forum can be found here.
  • I want to buy an MGF/TF, what should I look out for?
    • A very comprehensive guide from Rob Bell can be found here on his web site. Much of this can be applied to buying a TF as well.
    • Paul Lathwell's DotComoff site has this useful buying advice page.
    • The Austin Rover Online web site has another very useful buyers here.
    • Red Devil on the MG-Rover.org forum put together this excellent resume of the differences between the F and TF plus other information regarding parts and models.
  • I've seen an MGF for sale, how do I know if its a VVC model?
    • Rob Bell explains the differences on this page of his web site.
  • I've just bought an F, what advice can you give me?
    • Apart from enjoy it, have a look at Tony Thompson's site here for some excellent tips.
  • What road tax band should my F/TF be in?
    • full explanation on Rob Bell's site here.
  • Why buy an MGF?
    • Stephan Gribney's Ultimate MG site tells you why in his FAQ section under 'Why buy an F'.
  • Where can I buy parts from now that MG-Rover are no more?
    • Xpart, a part of the huge Caterpillar group, they hold £40 million worth of parts at any one time.
  • What is the F/TF's 0-60 time?
    • full list of all models here on Rob Bells's site.
  • What are the economy figures for the F/TF?
    • another list from Dr Bell here, also includes emission data.
    • more information here on Parker's web site.
  • I need a part number for my F/TF, how can I find it?
    • Dieter has the EPC or Electronic Parts Catalogue on his web site here.
    • Erik has a list of common part numbers on his English Fantasy site here.
  • Will the MG F fitted warning triangle fit onto a TF boot?
    • yes it will.
  • I've seen a TF for sale that says it has SP2 fitted, what is that?
    • SP1, SP2 and SP3 were options offered on new TF's by MG, the SP stands for Sport Pack. These are the descriptions taken from the 1st January 2004 official price list.
      • SP1 - Lowered - 10mm & uprated suspension.
      • SP2 - Uprated front disc brakes and calipers, 16" eleven spoke alloys
      • SP3 - Uprated front disc brakes and calipers, 16" Ultra lightweight alloys
        The uprated front disc brakes and calipers consisted of 304mm discs and AP 4 pot racing calipers.
    • To determine if you have SP1, the front struts should have the part number RND000700 stamped on them.


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